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Yoga is a practice that has been around for millenia.


The word yoga simply means union, it describes a spiritual tradition that extends far deeper then a form of exercise.


  Originally the postures that were performed in yoga were a means to being able to sit comfortably for meditation,  but over the years the practice has evolved and has become an entire system of balancing the mind and connecting to the spirit through the body.  


  Sacha teaches Hatha Yoga  at Mandala Yoga B&B. This is a powerful form of yoga that enables you to  stretch your body, strengthen your muscles and re-align you both physically and mentally. Yoga brings us to a place of wellness and balance and there is nothing like a yoga retreat in the sunshine paired with healthy food to supercharge your practice and leave you feeling wonderful. 


   The Hatha classes Sacha runs use combinations of asanas (yoga postures), yoga sequences, breathing techniques, music and meditation practices to bring healing and balance to your body, mind and soul. 

  All people and all abilities are welcome and classes take place as part of retreats, yoga b&B bookings, drop in classes or for a personalised practice 1-2-1's can be booked :)  


For Drop in classes email: to secure your place. ​​

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