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Life Coaching

Feel like you could be getting more out of your life?


Coaching is a means of gaining clarity about your life and helping you to make the changes that will benefit you most.

 It's a great way to help you move you towards your goals and unlock your full potential.  If you are ready to grow and willing to get down, dirty and honest with yourself,  coaching can be a catalyst for real transformation.   As a coach I believe you deserve to become a happier, stronger version of you,  and I want to help you to live a life that inspires you, excitesyou and reflects the very best version of you. 

 Sound good?! .... Well it is!

 I'm not here to give you wishy washy opinions, flaky advice or long boring to-do lists. My job as your coach is simply to listen to you- really listen to you and then facilitate your progress by asking you the right questions to enable you to find your own answers. 

  • Do you want to live up to your fullest potential?

  • Do you want to develop or change your career?​

  • Would you benefit from having an in depth look at yourtrue priorities and then finding ways to move these things to the centre of your life? 

  • Would you like to find more balance?

  • Is there a re-occurring situation or cycle that you'd like to break?

  • Do you need help moving towards a goal you've had for a really long time?

  • Do you need to find a strategy to help you look after your self or your loved ones better?​


Coaching can help you to be more creative,  more successful,   more relaxed and more fun. -  If any of this sounds appealing then coaching is for you.

  The best part of coaching is that all of those answers; all of that change;  will be completely perfect for you.... 


-Because guess what... it comes from you!  

 I am an ILM level 3 certified coach and mentor with years of experience working 1-2-1 as a teacher and I want to help you meet your goals.

To book your session email:

To book your session email:

Here's What some of my clients say:

"If you are looking to change or improve your life, Sacha is the coach for you. Sacha helped me to work out and implement a step by step plan to help me achieve my goals. 

    I have gone from being frustrated and overwhelmed with ideas, to optimistic and confident about my future.

     The sessions are structured and Sacha is supportive and non-judgemental throughout.

    Really cannot recommend this coaching highly enough!

Thanks Sacha!"

Annie R - London

"Sacha has a calm approach and is a great listener. I got even more from my sessions then I ever expected.  I came away from my sessions feeling confident, clear on what I needed to do and for the first time in a long time I was able to take real action towards some longstanding goals. Sacha was a true professional. I'd absolutely recommend her."

Tara P - Kingston

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